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Thursday, August 29, 2013

What is Paleo?

When my boyfriend approached me about starting this "Paleo Diet" I had no idea what he was even talking about. After he explained to me that on this "primal diet" I wouldn't be able to eat beans I was a little put off. Then when he got to the idea of no more dairy I'd just about had it! WHAT?! Me?... Me Christina Mitchell not eat cheese?! I basically told him he could do whatever he wanted and I'd be doing my own thing. A few days went by and I just wasn't too keen on making two separate meals for him and I, nor was I going to be eating delicious creamy ooey gooey cheesy things right in his face, so I sucked it up and started thinking of ways I could still make all of our favorite meals, but to Paleoize them.

The Run Down.

After doing a lot of research about what exactly Paleo was, and even doing it for a few weeks to the best of my knowledge, I still had a lot of questions. A friend of mine, Stephanie Thompson did a small little nutrition talk at her gym Crossfit SoFla and She explained it better than anyone or anything I'd ever read.

New Lifestyle: Words to live by...

                       "Eat meat and veggies, nuts seeds and some fruit 

                                    little starch and NO SUGAR!!!"

Pretty simple words right? Well that's just the thing. I had to think about every meal I made and essentially make it simpler. I'm known for my creativity all around and matters of the kitchen are no exception. I thought I was going to have to dumb down most of my recipes, but on the contrary it's allowed me to open the window and bring in this new fresh air filled with all sorts of ideas. Some really simple and quick meals and others more intricate. I noticed that with my creative juices flowing that much like when I walk into a craft store, I was getting carried away at the health food store.  I don't know if you've walked into a Whole Foods lately but I'm seriously lucky if I get out of there without breaking the bank. In my area I'm really lucky to have a small locally owned health food store called Tunies who's prices are absolutely unbeatable. But even when the prices are significantly lower I was spending an astronomical amount of money on my home cooked paleo meals. With all this being said I kinda made it my personal mission to make these meals as inexpensive as possible and now I'd have no greater pleasure than to share my Penny Pinching Paleo ways with the world. Or at least on some small scale, whomever is reading my blog.

Growing up i looked forward to the nights my mom made Chili. Its just a great comfort food. This chili is so delicious you wont even miss the beans OR cheese!

Easy Crock Pot Paleo Chili

What you're going to need:

Your Crock pot
1/2lb ground pork
1/2lb ground beef
1 26oz can of Organic roasted tomatoes
1 small jar of pimentos (undrained)
2 large bell peppers chopped
2 large sweet potatoes
1lime (Juice of half the lime, zest of whole lime)
1 large vidalia onion roughly chopped
2 small zucchini roughly chopped
3 cloves of garlic minced
1/2 Tablespoon of ground cinnamon
1 ripe hass avocado
1 dried chili pepper (Chili powder works too, its just not as potent)
Ground sea salt or Himalayan salt, to taste

In a large mixing bowl season the pork and beef together with half the onion, garlic, and salt.
Brown the meat in a large skillet. Transfer meat and juices to crock pot.
Add everything else to the pot. Cook on high for about 4hours, stir occasionally then turn to low or warm until ready to serve. Slice avocados on the side for added monounsaturated fat and vitamins.

*Note* I honestly usually use whatever veggies I have on hand in the kitchen. I've used carrots, squash, different types of onions... I'm planning to try pumpkin as soon as the fall pumpkins come out. Don't be afraid to experiment! I also leave home when my crock pot is on, all the time and this specific recipe is never a problem because it's so juicy.